Fairbanks Potters Guild 
at the Farmers Market Christmas Bazaar Sale

The Guild participates in the Christmas Bazaar sale sponsored by the local Farmers Market.  This is a very busy day of activity for those members who participate.  The sale is held in December and many of the folks that come are starting to think, "Where on earth am I going to get a Christmas present for..."  Of course, many of the guild potters feel the same way.  Lots of neat arts and crafts just when you need them the most!

Here are some pictures.

marketxmas1.jpg (62854 bytes)
Some of our wares
marketxmas2.jpg (62442 bytes)
Sheila Williams (left)
Nancy Norum (right)
marketxmas3.jpg (60688 bytes)
Jed Williams
Shirley Odsather
Frances Schulz
Mary Bunch
(left to right)
marketxmas4.jpg (62989 bytes)
More of the ware