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September 2002 Chapter 0068 Fairbanks, Alaska

SPONSOR's - John Haddad, Chris Chambers, Chuck Cartier


2001 Board of Directors

 Scott Deal
488-3612    Assistant Director

Mark Boberick

Rob Chambers
488-1703   Treasurer

Lowell Davis
Activities Officer

Ed Dennis
452-8017   Safety Officer

Hoyle Cook

Richard Barlow
488-1728   Road Captain

John Turner
Road Captain

Lane Hansen
490-6508   Road Captain

Wayne Gilbreath
Road Captain

John Turner
452-1903   Road Captain

Road Captain

  Road Captain

Ladies of Harley

Vickie Davis
457-6877   LoH Road Captain

LoH Road Captain

  LoH Road Captain


Scott Owsley
451-0722    Photographer

Ken Alvar

  Bill Pappert

The General Membership Meeting will be Friday,

September 6th at the Moose Lodge. 7:00pm




Hi all,
Because of a delay with the first of the 2003 bike shipments, John has pushed the big day from Sat., Aug. 17th to the following Saturday, Aug. 24th. He will be at the B-BQ fixing up food for everyone. We will have a 20% off sale on all Harley-Davidson Motorclothes, Motor Parts & Accessories (with SELECTED logo items on sale, excludes oil/lubricants). The showroom
will have a variety of 2003 motorcycles displayed for everyone to get a close-up view!! Hope everyone can make it.



Random Ramblings

Well here it is September all ready. Gad, where did the time go? One of the guys I work with and I have been trying to find the low life that's been stealing the pages off the calendar for a long time and haven't had any luck yet. I would appreciate any help anyone can offer in finding that time stealin' varmint.

With any amount of luck you've been out riding and enjoying summer. By now though you really need to go over your bike looking for anything loose, missing, wearing or worn out. When you wash the bike is a good time to be checking for loose or missing hardware. What dose that rear tire look like? Time for a new one or not? Do you know how to check the brake pads? If you do when was the last time you checked them? If you don't, take your bike by the Outpost and have them do a 2500-mile check up. It's cheap insurance.

Becky tells me it's going to be sometime in November before my bike gets here. I'm driving The Ornery One nutty with catalogs, web sites, and everything else that goes along with dressing out a new scoot. Before anyone asks the WideGlide is NOT up for sale, so don't even bother. Just because I'm going to break down and join the Bagger Battalion doesn't mean I'm going to give up my lightweight bike. From what I'm told the new bike is going to be unique to the area so I'm looking forward to next springs show.

So till next month keep the shinny side up

The 'lustrous Potentate
(How'd he get that big motorsickle up there on that high dive?)

Well, I've survived my first month as your HOG Director. Don't think I've got any new gray hairs yet - hard to tell with all that's there now! Besides, it ain't gray - it's chrome!!!

I want to say a special "thanks" to Ed and Jane, Mark and Lilley, and Hoyle, for their help in putting the finishing touches on the HOG storage shed this past Thursday. Except for a few very minor details, it is finished. Most of the Board Members have keys; so if you need something from there, let one of us know.

Our condolences go to Clark in the loss of his mother. From things I've heard Clark say about her, she must have been a neat lady. Clark, you're in our thoughts and prayers.

Lowell and I stopped in the shop and ordered the raffle bike for next year - a 2002 Super Glide in gunmetal blue with the 100th anniversary logo paint job. It should arrive sometime in November or December and we will start selling tickets as soon after it arrives as we can. I'd sure appreciate it if one of you would step forward and volunteer your talents and service to head up the Raffle Bike ticket sales. It's an important job and a great way to do something great for your HOG Chapter.

That's it for this month. Take advantage of the "end of the season" riding days and be careful.

Ridin' Easy,

Words from Mark

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge ,you, the membership, for your efforts and support in making our Fairbanks HOG chapter a viable and fun organization. The new Board of Directors is enthusiastic and ready to continue doing great things.

Thanks to Scott, Jane, Ed, Lilly and Hoyle for sacrificing last week's dinner ride to finish off the storage shed. We managed to hang the door and paint both the interior and exterior in record time.

The Golden Days Parade and Bike Raffle was a huge success. We spent just under $400 on the float and in turn brought in over $6,000 dollars in ticket sales along the parade route.

Thank you to the Outpost for your support, equipment and loan of the V-ROD for the float. Thanks to Joannie and the staff of Pacific Alaska Forwarders for the donation of the tractor-trailer and the use of the warehouse and their personal time in setting up the float. Special thanks to Clarence for the generous donation of his time in driving the truck without incident.

And most of all I would like to thank the members for your time and assistance in both decorating the float and working the parade which again resulted in the sale of over 6,000 tickets:

Mary, Bethany and Scott Deal __ Steve Schmitz ___ Scott Owsley ___ Jim Samuelson
Margie and Charlie Meyers ____ Ken Alvar ___ Walt and Brandi Schader __ Karen and Levi Bilyeu __Cajun Joe Procell and Trisha Hanks __Clara Nordmark __Joe Villa ___Wayne Gilbreath ___Danette and Mike Kane and Stephanie Brooks __Kent Johnson __Jane and Ed Dennis ___Mike Reardon ___Linda and DJ "Hoppin' Hoyle" Cook __Ruth Masters __Rob Chambers __Kashtin Boberick ___Evelynn, Donnie, JD, Zach and Leigha Wood__Hoppy __ "Can- Can" Candice Schulyer

Hope to see you on the road.

SAFETY RECALL: Information as published by Motorcycle Consumer News. Contact the Outpost or HD HQ at 414-342-4680 if you have any questions.

HD Recall No. 0105 2001-2002 FLHP-1, FLHPE-1, FLHR, FLHR-1, FLHT, FLHTC, FLHTC-1, FLHTCU-1, FLHTP-1

HD Recall No. 0104 2001 Dyna Glide

HD Recall No. 0101 1999-2000 FLT

HD Recall No. 0100 1999-2000 1200 Sportster

HD Recall No. 0099 1998 HD- Side Cars




Rod's Chambers'

Hello Everyone
Well no one told me just how fun being the new sectary would be, but I'm blundering through and everyday it gets easer. First of all I want to thank the old board members. The last two years have been terrific for the club and the steps they took have made my job so much easer. Everyone deserves a pat no the back for a job well done. Brandy and Walt took the sectary's job and made it into something that even I can do and I owe them both a huge thank you.

I brought up at the last meeting something that I feel is important for all of us to keep in mind, and that is membership. Fairbanks has the best HOG club in the world and it is the members that make it the best. So when your riding and see a new member go out of your way to make them feel welcome, and if you run into an old member that you haven't seen in awhile, remind then about the club and the activities. Bring them along.

Minutes for the last meet August 02, 2002 held at the Moose Lodge

Board members present

Director Scott Deal
Ass. Director Mark Boberick
Secretary Rob Chambers
Treasurer Lowell Davis
Activities Officer Ed Dennis
Safety Officer Hoyle Cook
Editor Richard Barlow
LOH Officer Vicky Davis
Historian Scott Owsley
Photographer Ken Alvar

Board members absent

Road Captain John Turner, excused


Introduction of Board Members


Word from director


Old Business

1.Review of last meeting minutes
2.Bike raffle final tally Lowell, club netted $5385.75 and would need to check on tax status of club. Mike Reardion spoke on the good done for the community and thank all evolved in the ticket sells.
2. Introduction of New Members
One new member present, sorry forgot to get name after the meeting.

New Business

1. Bike raffle

A. Color - gun metal
B. Size - softail
C. cost >$14000 - still under negation
D. charities = breast cancer/ big brother big sister - it was stated that HOG is the largest giver of these charities, out giving even the oil companies
E. party for giveaway

1. New members participation with group
A. Making new members fill welcome - making a brochure to be given at outpost to new bike owners. Scott would make follow up phone call
B. renewing old members interest
C. making meetings more interesting - possible sort safety videos

1. First aid / CPR for road captains and board members - Hoyle is checking on volunteer fire department, they must put on so many classes for accreditation.

2. Supporting the Swine-Line through adds and personal classifieds - good idea will need to discuss rates at board meeting.

3. Scott mention August 17, 2002 Outpost 100Th year anniversary

4. Talk began about next years HOG rally - commitee meeting second Thursday of every month at Thomas house. Dates June 19-22 2003 Fair Grounds booked.

Board Members' Topics


Treasurer - Lowell ran the numbers, checking start $2307.74 end $7763.94, savings start & end $3048.04 total for month of July $10811.98
Road Captain Report - Lane Hansen Filled in looking for ideas for rides and safety measures being disused by road captains.

Safety Officer - Richard spoke on good indent free parade

LOH - Vicki needs LOH Road Captains ore rides will have to be canceled. Sunday ride to Cleary

Activity Director - Ed discussed bumper stickers and if Hog or shop was buying. Walt and Mike talked about 3rd annual Labor Day weekend get together, cabins tent sites and pot luck.

Editor - Richard set 15th of every month as swine-line articles dead line and will work up classified add prices.

Historian -Scott asked for any club history, pictures, stories, or memorabilia.


1. new members 18
2. invite all Harley riders to events

Open meeting to the floor
Tamara to have large yard sell August 23 - 25, than on Thursday the 29th group yard and house clean to help Tamara in selling her place.
Tina, representing The Salcha Seniors ask for discussion of a bike rally / fund raiser next year in Salcha.
Need to schedule clean up dat for Knotty Shoppe


50/50 - Mike Reardion took from the meeting $65
Hog Pot - $130 up for grabs, Tommy Glass not present. $140 next month


Now, for the members needing to renew. Please be sure your national membership is current and that you have your card with you when you renew your local membership.

Brownell, Herbert ____Engebretson, A. J. ____Larranaga, Ted
Cardona, Isaac P. ____Goodchild, Linda K. ____Sams, Dale R.
Conley, James ____Harp, Brain ____Sams, Maureen A.
Conner, Ruby C. ____Howard Ian D.-___ Schuyler, Billy
Cook, Hoyle L. ____Huso-Kluth, Della K. ____Summers, Jerry R.
Cook, Linda R. ____Kravetz, Patty ____Wood, Donnie

Mindham, Sam ____Lynch, Daniel L. ____Coulter, Kevin E.
Mindham, Lana --__Peterson, Daniel ____Conners, Joe
Monroe, Thomas ____McKeehan, Manus
Samuelson, Yvonne ____Riccio, Gabriel P.

Well that's it ride safe and I will see al of you at the next meeting,


According to Hoyle

First I want to thank Rich Barlow our previous Safety Director for all of his help. I appreciate all the information you passed along and hope to continue providing the group with excellent safety tips and advice. Thanks again Rich.

The weather is a changing, our riding time is quickly fading away so I hope everyone is taking the opportunity to get out and enjoy what's left of our summer. Everyone knows the motto "Live to Ride, Ride to Live"; it seems lately that we need to go with the motto, "Ride to Survive". While riding, make sure that YOU, can be seen by motorist, because they are not paying attention out there. I ask everyone out there to be careful, select a lane and a position within a lane so that you can be seen, avoid rapid lane changes, and keep looking around, none of needs any surprises.

Outlook from the outpost

SEPT. '02


Well, hopefully we'll get a September like last year?! The Outpost has a big selection of rain gear in, just in case! You don't want to be without when you're trying to get in all the miles you can before you know what. Last year's Orlando Winter Show merchandise is arriving now through Christmas time. There are different styles of clothing, leathers and collectibles expected. Jessie has a new T-Shirt order coming in the beginning of September if any of you have been waiting for some new designs to choose from. This order will have our NEW logo "Harley-Davidson Goldpan Edition". You will want one of these in your closet. They look really sharp!! 100th Anniversary items are coming in soon. Merchandise and quantities are limited. Make sure you don't wait if you want to collect a piece of history. The Clearance Rack has some leathers that need to move to make room for new inventory. You'll save 50% off and a lot of boots are still on sale.
We have some neat gifts ideas in the shop you want to keep in mind for that hard to shop for person i.e.; wind chimes, new Zippos, travel coffee mugs, wallets, and lighter covers.

Thomas has the new 2003 Parts & Accessory Catalog out now. There are a lot of 100th Anniversary parts to put on your bike in celebration of a milestone in the history of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Stop in and visit with him about how to dress up your bike. He's always willing to help you spend some of that hard earned money!

The Basic Rider Safety Course is going full steam every weekend now. If you want to get in before freeze up, call Thomas at the shop ASAP.

Personal from Becky

On a personal note, Jessie and I wanted to let you know how many fun and crazy memories we have since working at the Harley Shop over the last 6 years. We have been able to help you surprise your loved ones with those special gifts, get that Harley ordered for you that you've worked so hard for, washed your dirty bikes in the parking lot, shared a lot of Chatanika Runs and had BBQ's and Breakfasts outside together.

Jessie and Cory have a great opportunity to head south with that new Wide Glide and attend school in Arizona this coming winter. Hopefully she'll remember her frozen friends in Fairbanks in February.

As for me, I am going to ACT independently wealthy for a short time and visit family out of state, put some miles on my bike (a shock to Mike, I'm sure!) and wax my Lear.

Thanks for the memories everyone. Ride free and safe.

Jessie and Becky
Harley Shop


Florida or Bust!!!

Where have the past couple of months gone? I've been so busy preparing for my move that summer has passed me by.

I've had a circle of friends who have helped me since the loss of my Bob and you know who you are. There are no words that can express my continued gratitude.

Please keep Gator and me in your thoughts and my parents as we drive the highway and put over 5,000 miles behind us.

I'll be thinking of all of you when you put your bikes away for the winter, I'll still be riding……

Stay Safe,

Take care Tamara, You will remain in our thoughts and prayers as I am certain Bobs' sprit will continue to ride with us. Let me know your address and I'll make sure you'll continue to receive the Swine Line.
Rich Barlow (Editor)


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