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Chapter 0069

Fairbanks, Alaska

SPONSOR - Pat Fenderson

1999 Board of Directors


Jim Samuleson


Assistant Director

Glen Naquin


LOH Officer

Lissa Naquin


Safety Officer

Dave Cogliano


Activities Officer

Fred Cox


Road Captain

Joe Larranaga


Road Captain

Forrest Sheets


Road Captain

Fred Atkinson



Bruce Nelson



Jan Tate



Dottie Fredrick



Leena Cox



I would like to personally welcome the new members to the Chapter, welcome aboard and hope to see you at our next Chapter meeting 7:00 p.m. April 2, 1999 at JR’s Restaurant on the Old Rich across from Pizza Hut.

Chapter Events:

April is going to be a very busy month. It all starts off with the Chapter Meeting on April 2, hope to see you all there.

Next is the HOG Egg Hunt April 3, this is a family affair, bring the little ones (kids or grandkids) and enjoy a nice day out at Chena Lakes. Dave and the gang have a lot of things planned for all.

April 10, we will be at Sam’s Club to sell HOG Raffle Tickets, come out and give us a hand.

The following weekend April 17 & 18 we will be at the Bentley Mall for the Bike Show, we will also sell tickets there. Then we have a weekend break, Ha,Ha,. Note Arlene’s birthday is in April, last year we went to Nenana any ideas this year??

April 30 through May 2 is the Arctic Wheels Car Show, HOG will have a booth there and several of our members will be showing their bikes. At the Arctic Wheels we will have a static display and if you are interested in showing your bike contact Dave Larsen, Glen Naquin or me at the Chapter meeting and we will let you know the details.

On April 30, we are going to meet in North Pole to give fellow HOG member and North Pole Chief of Police Al Ownby a big send off on his final day of service. Al has been a great member and supporter of HOG, so let’s try and have a good showing. Al is leaving the state for awhile this summer. If you need information on where and when call Thomas McGhee 490-0375 or Fred Atkinson 488-8673. There will be a picnic at Alaskaland by the boat dock following the ride.


The raffle is coming along pretty good, if every member could sell 100 tickets we would be done selling them. They are available at the shop or at Chapter meetings.


Remember if you would like to receive your Swineline or other chapter info via e-mail give your name and e-mail address to Leena Cox or Bill Pappert.

Let’s Ride:

Time to get that old iron ready for the road, we could have our first group ride any day now.

Marty, Al and Sandy, Rob and Arlene, Mike and Debbie, Where are YOU?? haven’t seen you in awhile..

( I know where Al and Sandy have been.)

Welcome back Dave, Jan, Hozer and Bonnie





It’s time to get ready for the Bentley Mall Bike Show April 17-18. You can pre-register at the Outpost. Registration forms will be taken up to the start of the show on the 17th. There is no cost to enter the show. There will be 4 classes with 3 trophies in each class. The Outpost is sponsoring the class trophies. There will be a Best Paint trophy sponsored by Hi-Tec Auto. Best Dresser sponsored by B&C Car Quest. Best of Show sponsored by the Bentley Mall Merchants. If you are planning to be in the show we ask that you have no more than 1/4 tank of gas in your bike. Any other questions give me a call 488-6275


The 1999 Alaska State HOG Rally is June 18 & 19 at the Tanana Valley State Fair Grounds. Pre-registration forms are available at the Outpost. You must pre-register to be guaranteed getting a rally tee shirt. There will only be a limited number of shirts for sale at the rally so please pre-register to make sure you get yours.

This years logo was designed by Debbie Pierce. She did a great job. All that have seen the design agree. Thanks Deb.

Make your plans to come to the ALL NEW Alaska State HOG Rally. THUNDER UNDER THE MIDNIGHT SUN.


Secretary Notes:

It’s been above zero and I can’t believe I haven’t seen any of you hardy people on your bikes!! It is getting very tempting, huh??

We have lots of new members to welcome this month and we really would like to meet you in person at the April membership meeting.

Mike Donovan, Eric & Jeanie Henry, Teresa Messina, James & Rebecca Todhunter, Randy Bostrom, James B. Brown, Maryann Edholm, Theodore & Marilyn Enoka, Jeremiah Ferguson, Rafael Alvarez Estevez & Paulita Alvarez, David Greist, Jason Kittle, Bill Smallwood, Erika Coon and Michael & Alexis Sims.

WELCOME BACK to Dan Coffey, Thomas Cox, Kurt Schumacher and Ebe Naylor.

Local Membership will expire in April for the following people:

Walter Brennan Thomas & Bev Daugherty Darrin Hoves, Robert Hubler, Darren & Christine Johnson, Amber Jordan, Richard Knox, Jacqueline Kozel, Joe Larranaga, Christina Lohr, Joe Losinski, Kevin Maines, Collin Nate, Ted & Debra Pierce, Jeffrey Robinson, Mark Stroud, Charles Vargo, Corey & Kimberly Williamson

See the girls at the Outpost to take care of renewal




It’s warming up and the fever to ride is getting high. I have been out riding a couple of times, as have some of you other diehards. Be Careful, it is still very slick in spots, especially the shady areas.

The ladies have expressed an interest in having their own evening rides - maybe twice a month, so I will add it to the schedule starting in May. We will see what happens, may need to be more often if the interest is there.

April is going to be a busy month, with all the Bike Shows and selling tickets for the raffle. The only problem I see is that we are not riding, but, I have a solution we will ride to Chena Hot Springs on Sunday April 25th. We will form up at JR’s Restaurant for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. for those who wish to eat and we will leave at 10 a.m. for the Hot Springs. Do some swimming and soaking, return when you feel like it.

Let me know if there are any activities you would like to see scheduled that aren’t already on the calendar for this season. We will be adding more to the schedule as dates get closer. Please try to make the "Al Ownby Escort Ride" if at all possible or the picnic at Alaskaland following.



Only a few days left to plan for the Egg Hunt. Please bring the future bikers out for a day of fun. If you don’t have any young ones around come out an enjoy the day with us anyway. We’ll be at the Chena Lakes Main Pavilion area by the lake. Just follow the signs. There will be hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and soda. A campfire, egg hunt for young and old. Snowmachine rides (if the snow holds out), games and more. There will be a $5 donation per family to off set the cost of the food, etc. PLEASE sign up at the shop or give me a call so we’ll know how many prize packages to put together for the little ones.


It’s not to early to plan for this fun show. It’s the 30th of April thru the 2nd of May. We’ll have a HOG display so we will need a few bikes to display. Plus, the raffle bike will be there for ticket sales. So Please volunteer your bike and help man our HOG booth, as we’ll need coverage during the entire show. Last year we did 2 hour shifts and it worked well. Come out an help promote HOG, show the community what Harleys and their owners are all about. You can also put your bike in the competition if you would like. Please see me for show applications or to volunteer your time and/or bike. IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TO ONE OF THESE SHOWS PLEASE DON’T MISS IT, IT IS ONE OF THE PREMIER EVENTS IN THE FAIRBANKS AREA - BESIDES IT SUPPORTS ALASKA CRIPPLED CHILDREN AND ADULTS.

Dave Larsen



Reminder the Deadline is still the 20th of the month. Thanks to everyone for their help with the Swineline Remember if you would like to help us save money and get your Swineline quicker give us your e-mail address. E-MAIL BILL at let him know who you are and you want your Swineline e-mailed. Sure would save the Chapter $$$$

Those of you that didn’t make the bowling for kid in February sure missed a good time and HOG raised $1600 for Big Brother’s and Big Sister’s.


Congratulation’s to" Just Tim" and Trish on the birth of Dallas Cordell March 24th

Who is that cutie that flies from Anchorage to visit Thomas McGhee?? What’s up Thomas??

Anyone going to Laughlin ?? Charlie would like to know.

TROPHY SPONSOR B&C CAR QUEST IS OFFERING A STORE WIDE DISCOUNT TO HOG MEMBERS BUT YOU HAVE TO SHOW YOUR HOG MEMBERSHIP CARD. Good time for CV boots, belts spring tune ups. Let them know you appreciate their supporting us by supporting them.

The days are getting nicer and nicer, have you got your scooter cleaned and ready for the Bike Show?? Won’t be long til we’re riding all the time again. See ya in the wind.



It’s started…Tim Waller rode to the shop on his 98 FLSTS, Saturday, March 13th. (Although, word has it, if he would have called Fred, he’d had company!) Just a couple days later, Fred rode in on his FLHTCI, Wolf hat and all. Now that "Just Tim" and Fred have tested the theory of riding your Harley on our snow packed parking lot, we had it all cleared for the rest of you. Thanks Guys.

Jim, our "Potato Parts Buddy", has safely made it to his destination of Twin Falls, ID. Kathy has been working hard in the Parts Dept. to get ready for upcoming season. She has stocked plenty of the necessities like oil, spark plugs, etc. Harley-Davidson has come out with headlamp trim rings you may want to take a look at. Kathy also wants to remind you power hungry riders about Screamin’ Eagle’s Stage 1 Performance Kit for fuel injected Twin Cam 88 Models. It boosts up your cc’s to a mean 1550. Don’t put off getting those Genuine H-D accessories your wanting on your bike for the season, it’s here, just ask Tim and Fred!! Get with Kathy and she’ll fix you up so you look and sound great coming out of the garage this spring. There are still a few pieces and parts on our "Let’s Make a Deal" table. I’m sure by this time you probably won’t have to twist Kathy or Clark’s arm to much to walk out of here with some accessories dirt cheep.

The shop is packed with bikes due to the response Clark had on his 20% off accessories installed at the Outpost. In order to get everyone taken care of, he is extending it through April. So if you haven’t taken advantage of this one, you better call Clark soon and get your bike in by the end of the month. Since our season is starting up again already and we’re getting busier, Clark wants to remind everyone that he’s going to have to get tough with admittance into the back of the shop. It gets to be a real safety issue for the shop and our customers with so many bikes coming and going. So please check with Clark first if you need to go in the back to see your bike for some reason. We really appreciate your co-operation!!

Our newest member to the Outpost Gang, Jessie, is doing great. Her smile is infectious. With our new arrival of spring T-Shirts just in, she’s getting good at folding. Carrie and Barb ordered in a new line of T-Shirt design:, Classic Reflection" These designs depict the earlier Harley-Davidson models and come in some great colors. You better get in and get yours before the employees buy them all up! Coming attractions include the new "Limited Edition" G.I. Joe collectible doll on a Harley. We are only getting a small supply so check with Barb or Jessie if you’re interested. You might not see Carrie out front quite as much now. I have stolen some of her time so she can help me in the office with all the fun paperwork that is necessary behind the scenes.

NOW, FOR THE BIGGG NEWS…Don’t miss our "No Foolin" Spring Sale, April 1st thru the 3rd. Save 20% in the Parts Dept. on Genuine Harley-Davidson Motorparts and Accessories. Save 35%, up to 60% up front in the Retail Dept. on Genuine Motorclothes and all other apparel (excluding logo T-Shirts). Plus, you know all the clothing you’ve seen with those markdown tags..well for 3 days only, you can get an additional 35% off that last marked price!! We need to make room for the new summer Harley-Davidson riding gear and Motorclothes. You won’t see a sale like this one for quite a while, I promise. So from out closet to yours….What A Deal!!!

We are excited about working with our HOG Chapter for the upcoming 3rd Annual Bike Show at the Bentley Mall. We are going to try our hand at a fashion show on Sat. and Sunday at the mall. We hope to help generate excitement in Fairbanks about Harley-Davidson and what it has to offer for everyone.

Well, our fun-crazy-hectic season begins…I can’t wait. Here’s to a safe, fun, sun-filled riding season for all of us… CHEERS.

Becky and the Gang

Meeting- 7pm – JR’s Restaurant – April 2nd. *Pre Register for the Rally please*



This is my second installment of what to do’s in different riding situations. Last month I covered Crossing Poor Road Surfaces, Riding in the Rain, and Bridge Gratings. This month I will cover Skids, Blowouts, and Stuck Throttle.

Skids – A frightening experience on a motorcycle but one you can handle if you follow a few simple steps. You should:

-Get your wheels rolling and providing traction again. Over-braking one or both the wheels is one of the most common causes of skidding. If this happens to you, let up on the brakes gradually to allow the wheels to gain traction. If the skid is caused by overaccelerating, back off the throttle – a spinning wheel provides no more control than a locked wheel. Above all, try to keep contact between your tires and the road.

-Steer slightly in the direction of the skid. A rear wheel skid can be overcome by turning slightly in the direction of the skid.

-Use your foot to straighten up. Usually, in a mild, low-speed skid you can avoid a spill by using your foot to keep your cycle upright. Using your foot to prevent a fall is tricky, and should be used only if everything else has failed.

Blowouts – Blowouts must be handled quickly and properly. You should:

-Not use the brakes.

-Ease off the trrottle.

-Slow down gradually.

-Hold the handlegrips firmly.

Stuck Throttle – An unpleasant situation, but one that can be handled. You should:

-Apply the brakes.

-Turn off the cut-off switch.

-Pull in the clutch.

I hope these tips will help when your riding out there this year. Speaking of riding, I took the Harley out on 21 March with Barb. It was messy but man did it feel good, especially since I won’t be getting much riding in till I get back from Korea in May. Have fun riding and be safe… I don’t want to have to come back and fill out any safety reports or anything. J

David Cogliano






Well boys & girls, it is that time of the month again that you get to hear from the Chicken Man. March was an interesting month to say the least. As most of you know, Daytona Bike week started the last of February and ran through the first week of March. I got myself ready to go and the week before I left, the inner cam bearing decided to go south, then the day before I left I blew the rear head gasket. Well after a frantic time of getting my bike back together, I left for Daytona Beach, Florida. Was a great ride, a little over 800 miles and made it there in a few days. I did spend some tome in Pensacola visiting Mike Ellebrecht. He retired with me, his daily routine consist of taking the dog out for a Frisbee toss, that lasts about 10 minutes and then putting feed in the bird feeder and feeding the squirrels. Such a life! Oh, I forgot he also watches MSNBC to check on his stock prices. Anyway, Daytona was interesting and as usual I dropped my bike again, well twice, glad no one was watching. Forgot to put the kick stand down one of those times. Seem now I am up to 18. It was disgustingly hot, somewhere in the mid 80’s. There were so many bikes on Main Street that everyone’s engines overheated and cooked their oil. Had a violent storm come through that lasted about an hour. I was in the Daytona Harley Shop, along with 300 other people and Robert Redford. You know he did not get wet. Well there were so many folks there that you could ride 20 miles in any direction and run into 1000’s of bikers. A bit to many for me. The folks in the know say that there were somewhere around 300,000 bikers in Daytona Beach area that week. So I headed north for Maryland, spent some time there, with my grand babies and when I got ready to leave, got caught in the snow storm of the decade. So had to hold up for a couple of days, sure did remind me of home, snow for Texas, and naturally I hit the biggest storm of the season in the south. I rode through 6 hours of driving rain, wind, thunder, and lighting through Alabama, Mississippi, into Louisiana. Had to stop several times under overpasses to get a rest from the wind and rain. Folks down here do not know how to drive in the rain. Saw around a dozen cars off in the median, stuck in the mud, kind of reminded me of home. Bad drivers.

Back in Texas it was time for the Louisiana State HOG Rally, was a nice ride over to Lafayette, only takes a couple of hours. Had a great time, took Sydney, my bird and she was the life of the Rally. Thunder Press even took her picture, seemes they did not want mine. Hmmm? Those Cajuns really know how to put on a shin-dig. There were 3200 HOG members from all over the south, and the guy who won the Farthest Rider plaque, guess who that was!! Looks like I will have something to show you folks when I get back in late April. They put on a great weekend but as with anything even when the big guys put on a rally something has to go wrong. Seems they wanted to have the parade on Friday afternoon, 5 pm, during rush hour in Lafayette. The police would not buy off on that one and canceled the parade at the last minute. Will things happen , so when Anchorage or we, in Fairbanks, make mistakes just take heart, those big boys make them to. Their bike games went off without a hitch, they were all done on the grass, seem to make it a little harder for Harleys and they had some great ones,. Lots of fun was had by all. But the biggest thing is, those Cajuns know how to put on a feed. They had a Crawfish Boil and I ate several trays of them wonderful mud bugs. No one went home hungry, especially me. Well the weather cooperated and everything was great. I did invite some of those folks to come up to ours, maybe they will show up this summer.

Now is thee time to get my bike ready to head home, it is starting to get hot. I know that must excite you guys. It has been a great winter riding every day. Hard to imagine it coming to an end and am going to make my way back up there to the north country. I do miss you folks, nothing like Alaskan Bikers, these people down here don not compare to you guys. They are okay but they are lower 48 people. They have a different attitude, a different mind set, I have not been able to fit in to any of the groups around the south. Nice to visit but do not want to become one of them, Hope you all are out on your bikes by the time you read this and I will see you in late April.

God Bless,

Chicken Joe





After what has amounted to an 11 month diversion to Los Anchorage, Lari Anne and I are finally coming home to North Pole. The move will be completed on March 27th as I bring my remaining household goods back home. I would like to thank everyone that made being away and moving back as painless as possible (and for bringing my scooter back). Al & Sandy, Fred & Leena, Ted & Debbie & Ryan, Greg & Lisa, and of course, Thomas and his new better half, Fae. I will be seeing everyone at the April HOG meeting, and on as many runs as I can possibly make this summer.

Yours in the wind,

John R. Mazzitello











April 3rd Easter Egg hunt at Chena Lakes

April 17th & 18th Bentley Mall Bike Show

April 25th – Ride to Chena Hot Springs

8:30 AM for breakfast at JR’s

Leave at 10 AM for the springs.

April 30th Escort ride for Al Ownby

Form up at the Wendy’s in North Pole – 3:00 PM

April 30th to May 2nd Arctic Wheels Car Show




May 1st Highway cleanup at the Knotty Shop

May 15th Ride to Big Rons Rib Fest.

Leave from the Outpost at noon.

May 22nd Chapter Birthday Party at the Outpost

May 23rd Pat’s Ride to Chatinika

May 29th to May 31st Tangle River Run




June 18th & 19th Alaska State HOG Rally